Monday, January 17, 2011 

Converting 32bit RRD to 64bit RRD

Converting 32bit RRD to 64bit RRD (moving cacti between architectures)

On the 32 bit machine in /var/www/cacti/rra/ run in SSH:
for i in `find -name "*.rrd"`; do rrdtool dump $i > $i.xml; done
Transfer xml files to the other 64 bit machine and the same location.
On the 64 bit machine run in SSH:
for i in `find -name "*.xml"`; do rrdtool restore $i `echo $i |sed s/.xml//g`; done

Thursday, January 13, 2011 

Disable memory ballooning in VMWare

Connect directly to the ESX Server host where the virtual machine resides on, using Virtual Infrastructure Client (VI Client).
- Shut down the virtual machine.
- Right-click on the virtual machine listed on the Inventory panel and click Edit Settings.
- Click the Options tab and select General.
- Click Configuration Parameters.
- Click Add row and add the parameter sched.mem.maxmemctl in the text box.
- Click on the row next to it and add 0 in the text box.
- Click OK to save changes.

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